Is the Wall Street Journal is Still a Valuable Subscription for Finance Workers?

The Dow Jones Company publishes the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) daily and the newspaper has become a global symbol for news about the stock market, finance and politics among other things. It has the largest subscription in the United States of any paper. However, the issue that most people will have with subscribing to the WSJ is that a lot of the material can be read online so question whether a subscription to the WSJ is worth the money. I personally believe that it does, and I think it still remains a valuable read for anyone working in business and finance in the modern world. Read on to find out why.

The Average WSJ Readership Has High Income

WSJ educates wealthy people on how best to spend their time and money. Since the average reader profile of the WSJ breaks down with average earnings of $191,000 and an average household net worth of $2.1 million, it has been proven that the WSJ is the go to newspaper if you desire to be wealthy or are already rolling in it. What is more, readers spend as much as 54 minutes daily on average sifting through the WSJ.

For these high net worth WSJ readers, the subscriptions will not deter them as people in business and finance value information a great deal. The latest news and stock market data is essential for them to survive in this highly competitive world. For the rest of us, a discounted subscription might be worth taking a peek at. It must be remembered that as remarkable as the WSJ is, there are a plethora of other newspapers.

Wall Street Journal is Available Online

Furthermore, sources like Google News are great at bringing the most up-to-the minute news and updates. There are also the applications on the iPad and iPhone with the WSJ application being among those offered. But it is not just the information that makes the WSJ a cut above the rest. Individuals who work in finance will find the tools on the WSJ website very useful and investors from all walks of life will find the newspaper and the online edition a valuable asset. Besides, it covers all of the news from sports to current events.

As a reader, I have always enjoyed the sporadic behind-the-scenes narrative about some trouble in an organization that the Journal would somehow dig out and publish. It is quite similar to The New Yorker in that respect; with its brilliant story-telling and analysis of events and situations. Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation took over the WSJ in 2008 and this has changed some aspects of the much loved newspaper in the business community.

Rivals the London-Based Financial Times

But there is no denying that the Journal offers matchless business insight especially when it comes to the United States market. Its closest rival is the Financial Times that covers a majority of the news in Europe as it is London-based. The other plus point is that business people feel that they are missing something when they go a few days without reading the Journal.

Readers have grumbled about the fact that the present WSJ does not measure up to the old WSJ in terms of the nuance and the extensive analysis. But it is still a complete paper and it can be argued that it has gotten even more so now. The marketplace section gives readers an overview of the marketing, media, health and technology industries. The Personal Journal will give professionals and graduates a sound understanding of how to get ahead in their respective careers. Additionally, the Weekend Journal is a great way to unwind with articles on shopping and travel and everything in between.

Has Won Over 30 Pulitzer Prizes for Journalism

The first thing that comes to my mind about what makes WSJ a leader is the fact that it has won more than 30 Pulitzer Prizes in Journalism. 60 percent of the CEOs in America have a discounted WSJ subscription and they are very happy with the high-quality newspaper. Getting ahead in life is predicated on being well-informed and a subscription to the WSJ is a must.

Author Bio: Vinayak M is a finance writer working in New York. If you would like to find out more about the newspaper then pleased visit this Wall Street Journal Subscription website.

Tips For Getting Out Of Debt

Did you know that 80 percent of Americans have at least one credit card and the average household has $10,000 in credit card debt?  Add that to student loan debts, mortgage loans, and car loans and the typical family is drowning in debt.

But, no matter how hopeless your situation, you can get out of debt with a little effort and a lot of sacrifice. The idea of sacrifice may not be pleasant, but would you rather have the burden of debt weighing on your shoulders or spend a few months waiting until you can afford something?

Here are a few ideas from this writeup to help you extra income to pay off that debt:

Get a second job: You need extra money to put towards your debt payments. Simply put: minimum payments do nothing. If you only pay minimum payments you can expect to be in debt for a long time. Deliver pizzas, flip burgers, clean houses, park cars. Any part-time job will do. Use all of your money from this second job to apply to your debts.

Sell, sell, sell: Sell your new car and buy a used one, sell your second car, DVD collection, clothes, books, jewelry. I am not telling you to get rid of Grandma Mimi’s family heirloom. But if you have purchased things with credit cards that you don’t need and you can live without it, sell it and use the cash to pay off debt.

Stop eating out: Brown bagging it can literally save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year. Say you buy lunch at McDonalds every day. Say you’re cheap and only spend $5 on a meal. That’s still $30 a week. Multiply that by 52 weeks: $1560. Not only will your wallet thank you, your waist line will too.

Coupon: Despite it being much longer, a lot of people treat this like a four-letter word. You can save money on your groceries, clothing and other purchases by using coupons or at the very least shopping around for deals.

Sell plasma: If you aren’t squeamish around needles, have a little time to kill and are free of contagious diseases you can probably sell plasma. It’s not fun, but it pays $30 a pop. You can sell plasma twice in seven days, netting a potential $240 extra per month for very few hours.

Get a bike or take a bus: If you can live without a car: do it. Sell your car and use the cash to pay off debt. If you live close to public transportation you may not even need a car. You’ll pay about $600 a year for a bus pass. Car expenses (not including car payments): $50 per month for insurance, $140 a month (low end) for gas, plus another $300 per year for routine maintenance totals $2500 per year.

If you can make a few sacrifices and are willing to live without the extras for just a little while, you can make a significant dent in your debt quickly. Remember that in the long run your healthy, mood and living situation will improve if you remove the stress of debt.

Courses to Obtain When Taking Online Degree Accounting

Accounting is one of the most demanding jobs since it is very broad and usually encompasses complex elements like finances, taxes, economics, statistics, and everything involving numbers. To become a certified public accountant, a person must first finish a bachelor’s degree in accountancy, pass the CPA licensure exam, and undergo some years of training to gain work experience before they can qualify for better CPA careers. However, the investment in education and training is also definitely worth it since their jobs also pay high salary level.

If you want to pursue a career in accounting through an online degree accounting, you should choose the online program with the same curriculum as the traditional accounting programs and is accredited by the accrediting bodies recognized in the state you want to be employed. There are definitely a lot of online accounting degrees to choose from today. However, choosing the best one will be quite confusing if you do not know the specific requirements and elements to look for when finding a good online degree accounting.

One of the most important courses you should look for in an online degree accounting is accounting mathematics. This course teaches students the most basic accounting skills and knowledge foundation in accounting. Accounting mathematics does not only include advanced principles involving mathematical subjects like calculus, statistics, algebra and finite math but it also teaches aspiring accountants the basic techniques and skills in understanding and analyzing relations between numbers and financial information.

Another important course or subject to consider when taking an online degree accounting is economics theory. Since most of the job opportunities for accountants are in the public or government sectors, taking social theories like economics is very essential for accounting majors. Through economics theory-related courses, aspiring accountants will gain sufficient knowledge about economic principles, market forces, supply and demand, inflation, currency issues, and overall economic movements.

Financial law is another essential subject that should be considered when planning to pursue a career in accounting through an online degree accounting. Through this course, students will be able to understand and learn all the legal matters involving finances and accounting. To practice the knowledge you gain while studying and to gain some early work experience, you can also take some part time jobs since online education programs have more flexible study schedules. You can apply for part-time hotel night auditor jobs since these kinds of jobs usually require high school diploma and it will also fit your schedule especially if you are studying during the day.

Career Paths Available for People With a Computer Forensics Degree

While many schools offer computer security programs to students, these programs are often a part of larger programs in information systems, and often their degree is in an information technology field with only a minor in computer forensics. Because of this, students who have earned a specialized computer forensics degree have an advantage in the information security marketplace because they have very specialized skills that are important to the security of networks all over the world.

Programs in computer forensics offer both bachelor’s and master’s degrees to students and can be completed both online and off. The programs focus on securing networks from cyber attacks in addition to learning the skills to recover data after a cyber attack. Students learn these skills in most programs by doing case studies and learning investigation techniques used at crime scenes. Students also study network surveillance software, how to detect and intrusion and how to respond to it, encryption, and hard drive imaging. There are also courses in the collection and documentation of evidence, testifying, report writing, and interviewing techniques. What all of these courses and studies lead to is a student trained in the latest technologies to combat cyber crime.

Students with this kind of background can work in many fields in all kinds of different businesses. Because nearly every business and government organization has computers and networks, students can focus on one particular industry which interests them to work in. This can include anything from working in health care protecting patient data and information, to working with local governments protecting email and other sensitive government data. The choice is totally up to the student and there is such a high demand for trained computer forensics professionals that students really can work anywhere they would like.

In addition, pay for trained professionals who have earned an online criminal justice degree or computer forensics degree can be quite good. Many times students with bachelor’s degrees can make some of the highest incomes of entry level students anywhere. In addition, students with bachelor’s degrees can easily get into master’s degree programs which focus on specific cyber security issues which are relevant to the student. This can include specialized studies related to the student’s industry such as fraud for students working in banking or financial information security firms.

The career paths for people with a computer forensics degree are numerous and only limited by the student’s desire to learn.

Not All Property Management Companies Are Created Equal

If you have real estate investments like rental properties in the Bay Area, managing your investments can make or break your portfolio holdings. Choosing wisely who will manage these valuable assets can make them a long term plus on your personal balance sheet. There are a number of really good San Jose property management companies to choose from, and picking the best one is not easy. The wrong company can end up doing more harm than good. Here are 5 tips to help you choose the top firm:

Make sure they are a good marketing company

The best companies are those that can fill a property quickly. Some management firms are more effective at this than others. The top ones often have contracts with major advertising sources, and they get top placement. These firms tend to be the best, because they will fill your property the fastest.

A good method is to simply look at their track record. Just look and see how effective they are at filling their properties. If they have been able to do this effectively in the past, there is no reason to expect that to change in the future.


Some companies are less than thorough in evaluating the tenants. Instead, you want to go with a firm that evaluates the potential tenants thoroughly. The top companies will have them verify their income, as well as perform criminal background and credit checks. This way, you can be reasonably sure the tenants are going to pay their rent on time, and are going to take good care of the place.


The best companies will provide consistent inspections to be sure the property is being maintained by the tenants. These inspections are performed by home inspectors, and they will tell you of any potential issues they find with the property (i.e. plumbing, heating or cooling, etc). This way, you can get things fixed in a timely manner, as well as make sure the current tenants are keeping things up and not lowering the resale value.


The best companies will provide maintenance services themselves, and also do emergency after hour fixes.

Online accounting

The best companies are those that provide online financial statements for the owners. This way, they can make sure that all the rents are being collected and the disbursements are being done correctly.


There are lots of san jose property management companies out there, and picking the right one is quite difficult. Regardless of whether you are searching for Gilroy property management, Santa Clara property management or Bay Area property management CA, full service companies are your best bet. Some companies only handle one or two management issues, but the top firms will do everything for you.

Modular Buildings: the Green Option?

For the last decade, discussions among environmental scientists and politicians concerning climate change, global warming and the thinning of the o-zone layer have meant that all businesses have to increase their focus on green issues such as sustainability and lowering carbon emissions. There has been much debate into ways of reducing the environmental impact, or ‘carbon footprint’, of new businesses, without them suffering financially. It is considered a matter of social responsibility and large companies in particular are looked upon to set the industry and social standards of sustainability. One way to achieve this goal from the offset is to consider environmentally friendly construction techniques when planning new business premises.

There are many factors to consider adding to a building to ensure a more environmentally friendly status; increased insulation, double glazed windows and the use of alternative energy sources such as solar panels are among the most common. But it is not just the final building that accrues a carbon footprint, the construction process of the building is often forgotten about and unmonitored, which risks suffering media attention and public disapproval. Considering the use of modular buildings is one way in which a company can save money and time whilst also staying in control of their environmental contingent too.

Modular buildings are prefabricated in a factory before being transported to their site and being quickly installed into pre-laid foundations. The reduction in on-site activity generally means a reduction in the amount of transport and haulage, often limiting traffic and congestion in inner-city or industrial areas which tend to be busier. The factory setting also benefits from on-site materials, meaning less haulage transport to and from suppliers, as materials are delivered less frequently and in bulk. This in itself helps the carbon footprint, as reduced traffic – particularly reduced industry traffic – means a reduction in carbon emissions.

Modular buildings are so called because they are built in modules before being assembled. This unique quality means that, although they can be used as permanent buildings, they can also be relocated to newly acquired land when needed or even recycled, refurbished and used by other companies. This means less environmentally harmful demolition processes and less waste to landfill. There is also evidence that modular building companies tend to operate more sustainable businesses themselves, including the responsible recycling of waste materials such as steel.

The factory production method of modular building has many benefits for new businesses and ultimately saves a company owner time and money as well as allowing a focus on important sustainability issues which can often be brushed over at these early stages of business development.